Two of my favorite pieces in our living room are our Laurel Huanco Stools that sit next to our coffee table. I use them everyday for working and our guests find them surprisingly so comfortable when we host.

Meaghan Cox, Brand Officer of Jenni Kayne

Matilda has really fallen in love with the Laurel Huanco Stools. She has one in her apartment and we have on at the Djerf Avenue Office.

Matilda Djerf & Amanda Djerf, Influencers + Founder of Djerf Avenue

People stop me every time I leave the house in my Mimi Cardigan to ask me where it's from, I wear it all the time. And my Lucia Crochet top has become my favorite top.

Amanda Chantal Bacon, Owner of Moon Juice

working closely with Chilean Artisans

At the heart of it, we care about two things: how each piece is made and the people who make it. 

Each unique piece we offer is made by artisans and artists from Chile. We take pride in calling them our partners and providing fair compensation for their craftsmanship and hope our partnership will support their well-being for generations to come. That is why we will continue lifting artisan communities and producing in small batches while sourcing + utilizing local, organic materials.

Loreto Figueroa of Paramo Gres

Meet our New Artist

Loreto works with stoneware ceramics fired at 1250 degrees without a mold and without a wheel, therefore her pieces are disproportionate, irregular, and asymmetrical. She embraces showing the character of each piece in order to show that each piece shows rhythm, movement, and most importantly that each object speaks for itself.

Our Story

We are two sisters, Christina and Lauren from California. Since we were little we dreamt of a living a beautiful life abroad. As we got older, we jetted off to several different countries seeking out all different kinds of beauty, slow living, and culture. Through our travels, background, and living abroad we have created Prima de Sur as an expression to the world of Chilean & Californian living. Christina lives in Chile's Patagonia where many of our pieces are handmade or traditionally made. We have come to embrace and cherish the Chilean way of living and feel honored to share objects from their culture with you.