The Circle Bag

  • The classic 'Circle' Bag is made for daily use as a purse to store your belongings or accompany you to the market to store your fruits and vegetables. They are handwoven by Indigenous women in Araucania, Chile named Maria.


    They are traditionally woven by the Indigenous people of Chile named the Mapuches. "Pilwas" Bags are made using a plant known as "Chupon" or Gregahia Specia, one of nature's sturdiest materials.


    Until a few years ago in the South of Chile, it was common to find a 'Pilwa' bag in every house because - they say those who use it - if it is taken care "it lasts a lifetime."


    We love to use this bag as this purse to put our daily items in and as a decoration hung up in the house.


    Measurements: 11.8" in. h x 11.8" in. w