The Straw Lampshade

  • This natural straw lampshade is made by local artists from a small Patagonian Island, Chiloé.

    They are suitable for Indoor & Outdoor decoration such as a patio, terrace, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and so on. The design is open weave vertically with special clear line designs. There is a kind of symmetrical beauty in the lampshades that can make the light more revealing.


    The actual item's color may vary slightly from the displayed images due to their handmade properties and natural plant materials.


    Sold as a lampshade only, power light cord and light bulb are not included. We recommend


    You can also email us to ask for further assistance and questions regarding our recommendations for light cords and bulbs we advise. 



    Small: 11"w x 12"h 

    Medium: 13"w x 12"h

    Large: 14"w x 12"h



    Handwoven Hanging Lampshades.

    Made in Chiloé, Chile.