The Evergreen Huanco Stool

  • This Classic Wooden Stool is hand-carved by Oliver in Lago Ranco, Chile surrounded by the Andes Mountains, Volcanoes, and Lakes in the South of Chile. Oliver uses the traditional indigenous techniques of the Mapuche people to carve the stool. It is made using only one piece of wood, is entirely connected, and has no separate parts. Made of native wood named 'Lingue' that is comparable to our Evergreen Trees. They are both practical and a piece of art on its own.


    Wood Carving in the South of Chile is one of the most traditional manifestations of the indigenous Mapuche people, inherited from generation to generation, where they use native wood from the forests. 


    Measurements can vary slightly due to hand-carved nature:


    Small: 9.5" in x 15" in x 7" in

    Medium: 12" in x 16" in x 7" in

    Large: 15" in x 17.5" in x 10" in