Ceramics are not able to be shipped, they are only for delivery in the Bay Area and San Francisco. 

The Sunday Mug

  • Beautiful stoneware cup by ceramic artist Francisca Gonzalez in Santiago, Chile. This cup is the perfect size for coffee, tea, fresh juice, or wine. Each one is completely unique and may vary slightly in color and size. Made in Francisca's very own ceramic studio in Santiago, Chile.


    Francisca's philosophy is about embracing simplicity and imperfections. Each piece is handmade, and thus no two pieces are exactly alike and cannot be duplicated.  


    Dishwasher-safe. Designed for everyday use.


  • Working with my hands in the clay is a profound experience that takes me to the intimate, silent, and deep connection to my heart.


    Kneading, caressing, modeling, smelling, and creating something of my own in which my own way of being is reflected in is something that is truly a deep experience for me.


    My approach to the clay is restless, irregular, and connected to my roots. I like the beauty of my path, to marvel at the simplicity of life, to sink my hands into the earth and letting life sprout. Ultimately, to create!


    -Francisca Gonzalez