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We are two sisters, Christina Nicole and Lauren Michelle born and raised in sunny California. Since we were little we have been infatuated with making our life beautiful and ultimately creating our own little magical world. As we got older, we jetted off to several different countries seeking out all different kinds of beauty, slow living, and culture. Through our travels, background, and living abroad we have created our ideal reality and hope to share some of this being with the world through some of our most adorned objects. Christina lives in Patagonia, Chile where all of our products are handmade or traditionally made. We have been very inspired by the Chilean way of living and are looking forward to sharing some of the items they use daily with you. We support artists, handmade work, and the creative process. We believe that the love that goes into making each item remains alive each time you use it in your own daily life


When translated from Spanish to English, Prima de Sur signifies female cousin from the South. For us, this represents where we source our items from in the South of Chile and the importance of working with artists and makers who are predominantly female. Furthermore, each item carries a beautiful story and is a one of a kind thus, once you hear it and understand the meaning behind the item it can act as your very own connection to the South of Chile. 


We believe in the power of our environment and how what you surround yourself with has the ability to lift your mood, inspire creativity and motivation, increase productivity, and allow you to feel like the person you want to become. 

We want you to live a beautiful daily life in order to become the person you dream of becoming and create your ideal reality.


We believe that what you put out and show to the world you get back, thus surrounding yourself with beauty and living in your own ideal environment, helps make that all possible. 

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